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Quick 4wd trip – Ormeau

So I had to get out for a wheel on the weekend and try out my Go Pro HD camera while 4wding.. I had heard that there were still some tracks out at Ormeau so I thought I’d take a quick/easy run down there on my own to check it out at my own pace…

The 40 went well on the M1 and once past the water tower and aired down I noticed straight away a lot of the tracks we used to drive had been cut off with massive boulders.. With all the “Keep Out” and “Trespassers will be prosecuted” signs I decided against going in to check it out.. instead I followed the firetrail/gazetted road down to the creek section for a bit of a play..

Didn’t take many photos except for these two..


So I got plenty of footage with the Go Pro camera and even tested out it’s durability by driving over it once when it fell off the front fender.. it survived with no problems.. So last night I spent some time trying to put the clips together.. and heres the final result..

This is the first time I’ve used Cinelerra to put the video together and for a first run its not too bad.. I’m sure with some more practise I’ll produce some better videos..


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