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Fancy Rear bar

Well some more work was done on the rear bar of the 40 to provide a bit more room for the essentials when camping..

Lower Lowrange using stock gears

So with the gears on the manual shift case out I did some teeth counting and compared low range ratios.

Standard Transfer on a BJ42: Input: 32, Hi speed side of idler:43, low speed side of idler: 26, hi output gear: 32, low output gear: 38 (43/32)X(38/26) 1.34375×1.461538 = 1.96

Low range ratio of 1.96


New Tyres

some goodies arrived today!

Mounted on stock 80 series GXL rims and width compared to the 10.5 wide Simex Jungle Trekker ][‘s

Front Bar diet

put the front bar on a diet this arvo due to constantly getting hooked up with the width of the front bar and sometimes even the hitch receiver would get caught up… getting the shits with it all I cut it down slightly, ensuring that some of the front wheels get some coverage.

progress pic,


Tube Fenders and sliders

the front fenders have copped a hiding the last few times i’ve been out as i seem to have a tendency to put it on some extreme side angles, often folding in the bottom part of the fenders and caving in both sills… so i’ve had enough of that and am in the progress of [...]

Turbo bits!

Found a turbo for sale on the forums for the right price and snapped it up..

It was pretty much a straight bolt in but I had to adjust the turbo adapter slight so it cleared the oil filter (only just).

The the finished result.

It seemed the dump pipe was a bit restrictive it [...]