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Glasshouse Mtns run with a bunch of 40s (and an 80 & patrol)

We got a few guys of spacebook from the old 40 series group to go out wheeling.. It was a bit of a late start with most of the group having some minor issues which caused a few delays.

All in all a good day even though it was pretty hot and dusty out there [...]

Quick 4wd trip – Ormeau

So I had to get out for a wheel on the weekend and try out my Go Pro HD camera while 4wding.. I had heard that there were still some tracks out at Ormeau so I thought I’d take a quick/easy run down there on my own to check it out at my own pace…


Brass Monkey 8 @ Landcruiser Mountain Park

Here are some pics from our Brass Monkey weekend out at LCMP. I headed out on Thursday last week with Chester in his Heep before the others rocked up over the next few days. That afternoon we did a bit of playing around on the holes near the campsite..

Over the next few days [...]

Brass Dodo Camping @ Scenic Rim

We were out at scenic on the weekend. didnt get do to much wheeling but got a few tracks in saturday arvo, of what we did I noticed a heap more stability and control. the 40 surprised me by just idling up the technical stuff with hardly any wheelspin.

Shakedown run to Landcruiser Mountain Park

Well the 40 got dusted off and touched up and made it out to LCMP this weekend. was fun driving out there friday night but fark me is that gravel road is crap at night and at speed (60kph)… got the phone number for kilcoy council and will be giving them a piece of mind [...]

Glasshouse Mountains run

Went wheeling at Glasshouse today, bumped into Beno in his tidy lookin lux just after little red… One thing I discovered with the tyres is that while they perform well 12psi on a non-beadlocked rim is a bit of a big ask in a tight situation. Saying that I’m really glad I only broke the [...]

4WD Monthly DVD Shoot

well.. did the 2nd shoot with the 4wdAction camera crew on much nicer day than the first shoot..

went out the springs 4×4 park the first time and it was pouring down.. we did 1 track and Roothy ran into some issues with his transfer case at the top of a big hill.. after winching [...]